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GA School for the Deaf Alumni Association
Membership Chair
P.O. Box 76
Cave Spring , GA 30124

Tiger's Claws
Membership - $10.00 a year
($10.00 per person)
Kim Cribb -Membership Chair

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Member’s Name Expiration Month/Year
Parker, Barbara June 2019
Parker, Jan April 2019
Parker, Debbie September 2019
Parker, Joseph September 2016
Parker, Lucy September 2019
Richard, Harold April 2019
Richey, Jontavious May 2016
Rico, Donna June 2017
Roberson, Javante May 2016
Rogers, Robin June 2017
Russell, Tina April 2019
Salter, James September 2019
Sears, James (Bill) April 2019
Self, Garry April 2019
Self, Sherrill April 2019
Sharp, Carol September 2019
Sharp, Sidney September 2019
Sheppard, Steven September 2019
Slay, Charlene October 2017
Slay, Simmie October 2017
Smith, Adonia April 2019
Smith, David E. September 2018
Smith, Larry April 2019
Smith, Tandra May 2016
Steele, David October 2017
Steele, Peggy October 2017
Stephens, Wanda July 2019
Stevens, Brandon May 2016

1972 Organized
1979 Established
1991 Incorporated

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