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GA School for the Deaf Alumni Association
Joy Gibson, Membership Chair
P.O. Box 76
Cave Spring , GA 30124

Tiger's Claws
Membership - $10.00 a year
($5.00 per person)
ContactJoy Gibson

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Member’s Name Expiration Month/Year
Knott, Thomas October 2016
Land, Mary Lifetime
Lovering, Brad September 2018
Lovering, Denise September 2018
Matthew, Jerry May 2016
McAllister, Giselle September 2017
McBee, Nicki June 2017
McBee, Ricky June 2017
McCall, John Mark April 2017
McCall, Milinda April 2017
McClarin, Shaquille May 2016
McClendon, Nadine June 2017
McCullough, Billy October 2017
McDonald, Harrison Sept 2015
McGeaughay, Kylie May 2016
McKoy, Katie June 2017
Mills, Jessica May 2016
Moffett, Devin May 2016
Moncrief, Kerry September 2016
Morrison, Judy June 2017
Osborne, Bobby October 2017
Osborne, Frank October 2017
Osborne, Henrietta October 2017
Osborne, Louise October 2017

1972 Organized
1979 Established
1991 Incorporated

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