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GA School for the Deaf Alumni Association
Membership Chair
P.O. Box 76
Cave Spring , GA 30124

Tiger's Claws
Membership - $10.00 a year
($10.00 per person)
ContactKim Cribb -Membership Chair

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Member’s Name Expiration Month/Year
Dillard, Myrtle Lifetime
Dominy, Janice September 2018
Doyle, Ellen Octoberl 2019
Dukes, Duwayne April 2019
Dukes, Glenda April 2019
Dukes, Eveline September 2019
Dukes, Melvin Lee September 2019
Dukes, Roscoe April 2019
Dukes, Roger H September 2019
Dukes, Sandra June 2018
Evans, Nathan April 2019
Evers, Sandra June 2019
Firsdon, Kent April 2019
Floyd, Barbara September 2019
Floyd, Clarence (Rusty) September 2019
Foshee, Eleanor November 2020
Garrison, Terry August 2020
Gibson, Joy April 2020 (Deceased)
Glisson, Theresa April 2020
Griffin, Fain April 2019
Griffin, Juanice April 2019
Groth, John November 2018
Hall, Randall October 2017
Head, Marvin April 2019
Head, Terrie April 2019
Hendrix, Sarah (Janie) April 2019
Highsmith, Thomas September 2019
Howard, Billy August 2017
Iturrian, Chris Lifetime
Jackson, Leslie Send Newsletter
Johnson, Donald Lifetime
Johnson, Pamela Lifetime
Johnson, Penny September 2017
Jones, Guy September 2016
Jones, Jackie November 2018
Jones, Robert November 2018
Joyner-Conti, Debra November 2018
Justice, Austen May 2016

1972 Organized
1979 Established
1991 Incorporated

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